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Because floaters are a frequently seen sign of vitreous deterioration, it can be easy to under-estimate their impact on a patient’s quality of life. For many, it’s an impact that may be sufficiently important to undertake treatment. A study of more than 300 outpatients estimated that floaters imposed negative impact on quality of life similar to that of Age-Related Macular Degeneration*.

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Laser Floater Treatment - an effective solution

Laser Floater Treatment (posterior membranectomy) is a minimally invasive procedure that offers the potential to improve a patient's visual functionality by alleviating their perception of eye floaters. The approach provides a treatment alternative for patients whose symptoms and risk profile does not justify vitrectomy. Laser Floater Treatment can also delay or obviate the need for invasive surgery.

Uniquely effective

Ellex pioneered a laser design specifically for the treatment of floaters. Our Reflex Technology™ includes True Coaxial Illumination™, on- and off-axis modes, a precise aiming beam and a superior energy beam profile — all within a unique slit lamp illumination tower design that converges and focuses the physician’s sight line, target illumination and treatment beam into one optical path. 

Our Reflex Technology™ makes focusing highly accurate and equips physicians with a safe and highly effective laser-based option to reduce or eliminate visual disturbance caused by symptomatic floaters.

Transformative technology

The effectiveness of Laser Floater Treatment has been transformed through the development of technologies including Ellex's TCI™ True Coaxial Illumination™. Ophthalmologists can now treat a patient’s symptomatic floaters with greater spatial context than ever before. This translates to safer, more effective treatment outcomes.

1 Wagle AM, Lim WY, Yap TP, et al. Utility values associated with vitreous floaters. Am J Ophthalmol. 2011;152(1):60-65.

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Quantel Medical has completed its acquisition of Ellex, including the company’s laser and ultrasound technology solutions (with the exception of 2RT® and iTrack®), via the financial holding company Lumibird Medical.

The coming together of these two companies—both renowned in the field of ophthalmology—represents a real milestone in their history. Quantel Medical and Ellex have a shared heritage in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of the leading causes of blindness worldwide: glaucoma, cataracts, AMD and diabetic retinopathy.