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Ellex is at the vanguard of working with physicians to transform outcomes and quality of life for patients with glaucoma. Our leading edge products give ophthalmologists the ability to treat glaucoma across the full spectrum of the disease and enable significant numbers of patients to minimize or obviate the need for medications to control their glaucoma.

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Forged through collaboration

Previously, surgeons had to rely on medical therapy at one end of the treatment spectrum, through to invasive, bleb-dependent procedures including trabeculectomy and tube shunts at the other. Now, through close collaboration between Ellex and ophthalmic physicians, proven new minimally invasive treatment options for glaucoma are being successfully deployed around the world.

Delivering real breakthroughs

It's a pathway that's delivering real breakthroughs — particularly when it comes to reducing the use of medications as the main option in glaucoma treatment. Frequently, glaucoma patients struggle to comply with medication regimens, and many also suffer from side effects, including burning, dry eye, conjunctival hyperemia, foreign body sensation and tearing.

Real choices for physicians

Ellex technology, which includes advanced SLT Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty for diagnosis and treatment, which delivers optimum results in minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, is presenting surgeons with real choice, and who until recently could only choose between "just enough" eye drops or gold-standard but risky trabeculectomy or tube shunt procedures.

At Ellex, we're proud to be helping to shift the paradigm towards proactive glaucoma care.

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