Limited Time Offer

The Ellex® Client Loyalty Program is a limited time offer that gives you the opportunity to upgrade to the most advanced technology included in the Ellex ultrasound system portfolio, the new Eye Prime™. As a valued client of the Ellex community, we are extending this exclusive offer to you so that you can upgrade to the most advanced ultrasound platform that will benefit your patients and your practice.

6-Ring Phased Array Annular Technology

Eye PrimeTM features proprietary that transmits and receives ultrasound waves from six concentric transducers, which can be individually pulsed. The transmitted beam from each transducer can be focused through a wide range of depths in 1mm increments and thereby enables you to focus anywhere in the posterior segment — and beyond.*

Agile FocusTM for Image optimization

With the proprietary algorithm Agile FocusTM Technology, Eye PrimeTM refocuses and enhances every pixel in 1mm incremental steps to optimize examination for all patients regardless of orbital size — and takes your ultrasound capability to the next level.

New Levels of Flexibility

Eye PrimeTM refocuses the beam transmission at a wide range of depths, optimizing resolution at each pixel and extending the depth-of-field at each focal point to deliver real-time, dynamic imaging.

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    Valid only in USA. Applicable to select products only, manufactured 2010 or before. Speak to your Ellex representative for more information.

    Trade-in program good through August 31, 2020.

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