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"Minimizing the need for topical eyedrops and therefore reducing the risk of noncompliance in my glaucoma patients has become even more important. SLT allows me the comfort of being certain the IOP is being controlled and not dependent on the patient’s degree of compliance."

- I. Paul Singh


"Selective laser trabeculoplasty should be offered as first-line treatment for open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension, supporting a change in clinical practice."

*Data available in reference article

SLT Treatment Applications

SLT is the most effective approach to treating patients with POAG. Unlike other technology such as ALT, SLT does not damage the trabecular meshwork, and allows Ophthalmologists the freedom to choose between therapies. Follow up with MIGS and medications in patients who may need further treatment. SLT can help determine if the primary resistance point is the trabecular meshwork or further along the normal outflow channels.


SLT is now a proven first-line therapy that is gentle and does not damage tissue, which allows for further treatment such as MIGS, if necessary. SLT can prolong the need for eye drops for up to 3 years according to the LiGHT Trial published by the Lancet (March 2019).


SLT eliminates patient non-compliance by putting control of POAG treatment in the hands of the medical provider. SLT can save patients from the medical costs associated with eye drops when SLT is used as replacement therapy, even after being on medications.


SLT can reduce the amount of eye drops prescribed and in some cases eliminate the need altogether, saving your patients the costs of prescription medications.

SLT in action with Tango Reflex

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Market Scope’s 2018 Global Ophthalmic Laser Market Report.

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