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Image courtesy of Karl Brasse, MD, MRCOphth


飛蚊症は、硝子体劣化の一般的な症状として見過ごされる可能性がありますが、患者の生活の質に悪影響を及ぼすため、必ず治療を実施しなければならないほど重症なこともあります。300名以上の外来患者を対象とした研究によると、飛蚊症は加齢黄斑変性と同じく生活の質に悪影響を及ぼすことが報告されています。 1


  • また、硝子体切除術が許可されないプロファイルに該当する患者の治療法となります。
  • 独自のシステムにより視覚化と治療効果が改善されます。
  • Reflex Technology™は、特に飛蚊症治療専用に設計されています。


近年、飛蚊症レーザー治療技術は、エレックス社のTCI™True Coaxial Illumination™のような変換技術の開発により改革されました。今日、眼科医は、これまで以上に高い安全性と効能で、飛蚊症の患者を治療することができるようになりました。

1 (Wagle AM, Lim WY, Yap TP, et al.Utility values associated with vitreous floaters.Am J Ophthalmol.2011;152(1):60-65.)

Watch how LFT (Laser Floater Treatment) with Reflex™ Technology can safely and effectively alleviate the debilitating effects of persistent vitreous opacities, or floaters.


Transformative technology

In recent years, Laser Floater Treatment procedures have undergone a renaissance with the development of transformative technologies such as Ellex's TCI™ True Coaxial Illumination™. Today, ophthalmologists are now able to offer treatment to their symptomatic floater patients with greater safety and efficacy than ever before.

1 (Wagle AM, Lim WY, Yap TP, et al. Utility values associated with vitreous floaters. Am J Ophthalmol. 2011;152(1):60-65.)

Full visualization from the cornea to the retina

With proprietary Reflex™ Technology, visualizing floaters and opacities, and assessing their position relative to the lens or retina, has never been easier. True Coaxial Illumination provides a full view from the cornea to the retina along with much-needed spatial context.

Treat with greater accuracy 

Reflex™ Technology allows you to move effortlessly between on-axis and off-axis viewing and provides the highest levels of visualization accuracy and illumination in the anterior and posterior segments, all from one platform.

Lower energy treatments 

Reflex™ Technology provides higher-power density and precisely controlled plasma formation – the end result is that fewer shots are required to perform treatment with less cumulative energy delivered.

No missed shots, shorter treatment times

One of the challenges with LFT or Laser Floater Treatment is that the high number of shots required can cause the laser cavity to overheat. Reflex™ Technology utilizes a unique method of “Active Cooling” which circulates air throughout the laser cavity to ensure constant cooling, thereby ensuring that the laser works without interruption.

Prevent post-capsulotomy floaters

The benefits of True Coaxial Illumination™ extend beyond safe treatment of floaters, and in fact help to prevent the notoriously common patient complaint of sudden floater development after capsulotomy.

“We have been programmed to minimize the impact of floaters on patient’s daily lives because we had no viable solution. Today we have a solution.”
“Modern laser floater treatment is a different procedure. It is not the same procedure as in past years. Earlier attempts at treating floaters were not always positive, because the technology was not optimized for the procedure.”
“When it comes to the treatment of floaters, precise spatial context is critical. To achieve this, both off-axis and on-axis illumination is required. This ensures that when a surgeon looks into an eye, he or she can clearly establish where the lens, floater and retina lie in relation to the floater and to each other.”

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症候性飛蚊症の患者の治療に使用するReflex Technologyの製造元はエレックス社です。これは、後膜切除術(Nd:YAGレーザービトレオライシス/飛蚊症レーザー治療を含む)の適応症で承認されており、患者の視覚機能の認知を改善することができる可能性があります。エレックス社は本システムを適応外で使用することに責任を負いかねます。ここに掲載されている資料には、第三者による見解や勧告が含まれている場合がありますが、必ずしもEllex Medical Pty Ltd.の見解を反映するものではありません。

Ultra Q Reflex™は、CE(Conformité Européenne)および米国食品医薬品局(FDA)(510k)を有します。後膜切除術、嚢切開術、およびレーザー虹彩切開術の適応症で販売されています。

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