The power of two — SLT and YAG

Whether you're treating glaucoma, or you're seeking to perform capsulotomy procedures, Tango™, with its fully featured SLT laser and its powerful, precise YAG laser, will ensure that you can achieve the results you and your patients are looking for — every time.

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Excellent results — every time
Excellent results — every time

Accuracy and efficacy

Tango’s dual-mode laser cavity allows you to move effortlessly between SLT and YAG modes, ensuring that you'll be able to treat patients across both modalities with maximum accuracy and optimal efficacy.

SLT… precision — and beyond 

Tango™ incorporates Ellex’s proprietary SLT technology — providing superior energy control, a sharp-edged aiming beam and the industry’s fastest firing rate of three shots per second. 

With an enhanced view of the trabecular meshwork, you'll be able to perform SLT procedures faster and more accurately. In addition, SLT is gentle and non-invasive, which means you can stimulate healthy trabecular meshwork cell regeneration and manage IOP without producing burn and scar tissue.

YAG… low energy, high efficiency

Tango’s YAG mode features an Ultra Gaussian beam profile and fast rise time. That enables you to perform capsulotomies and iridotomies at lower, more efficient energy levels.* With less energy delivered into the eye, you’ll be able to carry out capsulotomies with all types of IOLs and with significantly less risk of lens pitting.

*Based on system performance testing. Data on file. Ellex Medical.

A proprietary dual-mode laser cavity design allows you to efficiently switch between SLT and YAG modes at the touch of a button.
A highly accurate two-point focusing system with a tolerance range of ± 8 μm in YAG mode delivers pinpoint precision.

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Product Brochure

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Glaucoma, Retinal Disease, Floaters (Vitreous Opacities), Diagnostic Ultrasound


The Duality of SLT in Glaucoma

Read a whitepaper addressing the dual role of SLT as both a diagnostic aid and as a highly effective first-line treatment option.


SLT: A Comprehensive Solution for Glaucoma

This whitepaper highlights the role of SLT across the glaucoma disease process, including its utility as a first-line treatment option.


SLT and the Refractive Surgeon

The glaucoma medications used to control the IOP of refractive patients often add to the blurred vision experienced by these patients on a daily basis. This leaves the refractive surgeon with the frustrating task of correcting refractive error without being able to eliminate a key contributor to the problem.


SLT as a Primary Therapy for Glaucoma

Video Interview with Andrew G. Iwach, MD (USA) addresses the demonstrated efficacy of SLT as a primary therapy.


SLT for Narrow Angle Glaucoma

When performing SLT on patients with narrow angles, visibility is reduced compared to normal angles. It is important to ensure the patient looks toward the mirror in order to improve visibility.


SLT and Heavily Pigmented Trabeculum

It is important to note that less energy is required when performing SLT on patients with a heavily pigmented trabeculum. In this case video, extensive mini-bubble formation is noted at the commencement of SLT treatment, indicating that the energy level is too high.


SLT and Irregular Pigmentation

When performing SLT on eyes with irregular pigmentation, always ensure that focus is maintained on the target tissue, and not on the laser beam spot.


SLT Treatment Protocol

SLT works by stimulating a natural healing response in the body to manage the elevated IOP associated with glaucoma, promoting cellular regeneration without the burn and scar tissue associated with other laser procedures.

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Tango™ has a CE Mark (Conformité Européenne) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (510k) Market release for the indications of Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (Selective Light Therapy, SLT) Capsulotomy and Laser Iridotomy. , Posterior membranectomy 

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