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The focused solution for YAG laser procedures

Whether you’re seeking to perform capsulotomies for Presbyopic IOLs or peripheral iridotomies prior to the insertion of Phakic IOLs, it’s imperative that your treatment equipment delivers excellent results every day. Ultra Q™ has been created by Ellex to ensure you achieve your goals.

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Perfection — precisely
Perfection — precisely

Uniquely efficient

The industry’s most efficient and fastest microsurgical YAG laser, Ultra Q's unique cavity design and custom power supply allow you to perform capsulotomy and iridotomy procedures at lower, more efficient power levels and with greater shot-to-shot consistency.

IOL-friendly photodisruption

Featuring an Ultra Gaussian beam profile, Ultra Q™ focuses more energy into the center of the beam profile to deliver greater energy density — reducing the energy needed to effectively perform capsulotomy and iridotomy and greatly reducing the risk of lens pitting.

Capsulotomy for Presbyopic IOLs

With Ultra Q's precision and ultra-low energy optical breakdown, you'll be able to create a perfectly centered, precise capsulotomy that will not affect the tension of the bag and the position of the IOL in the visual axis. It’s accuracy that minimizes fringes and tags and prevents lens damage — even if the lack of a ridge makes the capsule adhere to the optic.

Iridotomy for Phakic IOLs

Ultra Q™ also enables you to perform precise iridotomy to prevent pupillary block prior to the insertion of refractive IOLs. The aperture must be large enough to ensure a balanced aqueous flow, without allowing light transmission back to the pupil. Ultra Q's efficiency means that you can often achieve this outcome in a single shot, using lower energy than other YAG lasers.

“In our practice locations, we have a total of five YAG lasers. The Ultra Q is my favorite. With this laser, an everyday task becomes quick, efficient and accurate. The ultra-precise aiming beam system and exquisite joystick focusing device on the Ultra Q allow you to hit your mark with a level of precision rarely experienced.”
“Our success with ICLs has greatly improved since we started using the Ellex Ultra Q for peripheral iridotomies. The laser provides safe and precise iris tissue cutting at much lower pain levels than what patients normally experience with other lasers. Less pigment dispersion makes the Ultra Q my laser of choice, especially when working with dark irises.”
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A continuously variable posterior offset (from 100 to 350 microns) allows you to accurately position optical breakdown and provides flexibility for all procedures.
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The industry’s fastest firing rate of up to 3 shots per second permits quick, efficient treatment.

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Ultra Q™ has a CE Mark (Conformité Européenne) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (510k) Market release for the indications of Capsulotomy and Laser Iridotomy, posterior membranectomy

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