Ultra low energy, ultra high definition for precision capsulotomy

Ellex technology is helping ophthalmologists around the world to achieve new levels of accuracy in capsulotomy — and achieve better patient outcomes. Choose Ellex’s refined YAG technology and you will achieve a perfectly centered, precise capsulotomy that will not affect the tension of the bag and the position of the IOL in the visual axis. It’s accuracy that minimizes fringes and tags and prevents lens damage.

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Image courtesy of Karl Brasse, MD, MRCOphth

Better results, happier patients 

Whether you’re seeking to perform capsulotomies for Presbyopic IOLs or peripheral iridotomies prior to the insertion of Phakic IOLs, it’s imperative that your treatment equipment delivers excellent results every day. Ellex’s refined YAG laser technology delivers precision, perfectly and consistently, and maximizes patient satisfaction. 

  • Next generation YAG laser minimizes shockwave, optimizes precision
  • Custom-designed cavity produces Ultra Gaussian pulse
  • Ellex technology enables lower energy, IOL-friendly treatment

Precision in incision

Ellex’s custom-designed laser cavity, which is at the heart of our YAG laser range, delivers a four nanosecond Ultra Gaussian pulse at high peak power and can typically produce the industry’s lowest energy optical breakdown in air at 1.8 mJ.*

This allows the delivered energy to form a tight plasma ball, and results in less energy dispersion into surrounding tissue. Ellex’s advanced YAG laser technology makes possible a tissue incision technique that deploys a smaller shockwave. It’s this factor that delivers superior treatment precision and maximizes procedure efficacy.

*Based on system performance testing. Data on file. Ellex Medical.

High Definition Capsulotomy with Reflex Technology

While capsulotomy is a well understood process, the shortcomings of legacy laser equipment often used to perform the procedure can result in ongoing vision issues for many patients. To combat this challenge, Ellex’s latest generation of YAG laser technology helps maximize patient satisfaction by equipping physicians with the capability to achieve precise results.

Available with Ultra Q Reflex™ and Tango Reflex™ only.

"With Ellex’s refined YAG laser technology I can place laser pulses in a precise and controlled fashion that I have not seen with other lasers. Also, the system requires much lower energy for procedures than previous YAG lasers I have used."

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