Photocoagulation and Pattern Scanning

Photocoagulation and Pattern Scanning

Pattern scanning photocoagulation that puts you in control

Despite the evolving role of anti-VEGF medications in the treatment of retinal disease, laser photocoagulation remains a mainstream treatment pathway for patients with diabetic retinopathy, enabling ophthalmologists around the world to alleviate the causes and symptoms of vision loss associated with the condition.

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For the widest range of pathologies

Ellex’s range of retinal lasers has been created to meet the needs of physicians who prioritize treatment consistency across a wide range of pathologies. Both our Integre Pro™ and our Integre Pro Scan™ models incorporate Ellex’s True Spot™ technology, which delivers excellence in visualization and illumination, alongside enhanced depth perception and a wider peripheral view. 

Each system features real-time, active light feedback, which continuously monitors and adjusts power output. Our technology delivers uniform energy distribution across the full spot diameter, eliminating hotspots and ensuring you can achieve optimal, homogenous burns through precise power titration.

Photocoagulation and Pattern Scanning

  • Precise titration for optimized outcomes
  • No hotspots, no over-treatment risk
  • Maximize treatment accuracy and efficiency

A pattern for efficiency

The value of photocoagulation in clinical practice has gained further significance in recent years with the development of pattern scanning photocoagulation — the application of laser spots in a series of configurable arrangements and wavelengths appropriate to the patient’s pathology to radically improve the efficacy and efficiency of the treatment method.

An intuitive interface

Integre Pro ScanTM incorporates leading-edge pattern scanning, offering a comprehensive pattern and wavelength choice to cover all retinal pathologies. It is matched with an intuitive tablet user interface for easy, accurate and precise pattern spacing, shaping and positioning, which gives you the ability to treat patients up to twice as quickly than is possible with conventional single-spot photocoagulation.

“Pattern scanning with the Integre Pro Scan significantly improves the process of laser treatment delivery. The improved ergonomics of the physician interface, together with its ease of maneuverability, enables even the most difficult situation to be managed—such as a wheelchair-bound patient.”

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