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Discover the full range of diagnostic solutions with Quantel Medical’s ABSolu™ A/B/S/UBM Ultrasound Platform.

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Imaging excellence with Quantel Medical’s A/B/S/UBM ultrasound platform.
Imaging excellence with Quantel Medical’s A/B/S/UBM ultrasound platform.

New 5 Ring Annular Imaging

Quantel Medical has made a decisive leap forward with a new 5 ring annular technology on a 20MHz probe. The principle is to emit alternating ultrasounds by 5 concentric transducers located in a single probe.

Key Features

  • Increased depth of field allowing the visualization of the entire eye
  • Outstanding resolution from the anterior part of the vitreous to the wall
  • New UBM imaging technology allowing different imaging modes
  • IMUv™ exclusive motion sensor allowing to locate the ultrasound beam in real-time in the ocular diagram
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software for a better navigation experience
Absolu scan 1
Posterior lens capsule*
Absolu scan 2
Detached retina with haemorrhaging*
Absolu scan 3
Vitreo-retinal traction*
Absolu scan 4
Weiss ring*

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