Compact in Design,
Definitive in Diagnosis

Redefining imaging standards with Quantel Medical’s "3 in 1" A/B/P Ultrasound Platform.

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Compact in design, definitive in diagnosis.
Compact in design, definitive in diagnosis.

Redefining B-Scan Imaging

The Compact Touch™ benefits from a new generation 15 MHz B probe with a resolution increased by 30% allowing for better visualization of ocular structures and the orbit - delivering a better diagnosis.

Small in size, this probe features excellent ergonomics to better facilitate its handling and use.

Key Features

  • A new 15 MHz probe that redefines the gold standard in B-mode imaging by bringing an exceptional image quality, for a better and quicker diagnosis
  • Ultra-compact ultrasound system that fits in any working environment, for a better user experience
  • Keeping you connected with a DICOM interface to import and export images and patient reports to the PACS
Compact touch scan 1
© Peter Good, MD
Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (Birmingham, UK)
Choroidal melanoma
Compact touch scan 2
© Adil El Maftouhi – Hôpital des XV-XX (Paris, France)
Centre Ophtalmologique Rabelais (Lyon, France)
Diabetic Retinal Detachment

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