The next generation ultrasound solution

Featuring Six-Ring Phased Array Annular Technology, Eye PrimeTM will transform your view of even the finest ocular structures, enabling you to view, diagnose and treat more accurately and more efficiently than ever before. Matched with Ellex’s proprietary Reflex Technology™ platform, it also represents the perfect partnership for the visualization and treatment of symptomatic floaters.

New levels of flexibility

Eye PrimeTM features real-time, dynamic imaging, which optimizes resolution at each pixel and extends the depth-of-field at each focal point. Available modes include:

  • B-Scan, 12MHz Posterior
  • B-Scan, 18MHz Posterior
  • 35 MHz UBM and 50MHz UBM

Six-Ring Phased Array Annular Technology

Eye Prime™ features proprietary Six-Ring Phased Array Annular Technology that transmits and receives ultrasound waves from six concentric transducers, which can be individually pulsed. The transmitted beam from each transducer can be focused through a wide range of depths in 1mm increments and thereby enables you to focus anywhere in the posterior segment – and beyond.*

Agile Focus™ for image optimization

With the proprietary algorithm Agile Focus™  Technology, Eye Prime™  refocuses and enhances every pixel in 1mm incremental steps to optimize examination for all patients, infants to adults, regardless of orbital size — and takes your ultrasound capability to the next level.

*Available in 12MHz and 18MHz modes

B-Scan, 12 MHz Posterior. Weiss Ring floater located in mid-posterior vitreous.
B-Scan, 12 MHz Posterior. Live imaging of Laser Floater Treatment
LFT, Ellex: pre-treatment
B-Scan, 18 MHz Posterior. Melanoma post-treatment: increased focal zone on the retina and choroid shows excellent view of the regressing melanoma; vitreous opacites overlying the tumor are also noted.
「硝子体全体を視覚化 – 水晶体後嚢から網膜まで、完全な焦点」
50 MHz UBM. Increased resolution permits better visualization of the psuedophakic lens, noting small cyst in the ruptured posterior capsule.
B-Scan. 18 MHz Posterior. Retinal detachment caused by trauma; pediatric patient
50 MHz UBM. Note minimally elevated lesion which was undetcebale with conventional ultrasound technology.

Eye Prime™ is not approved for sale in the USA. FDA 510(k) pending.

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