Transforming retinal photocoagulation — effectively, efficiently

Integre Pro Scan™ combines multi-color photocoagulation with a precise computer-controlled pattern scanning laser in an ergonomically advanced all-in-one laser/slit lamp design.

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The pattern scanning multi-color photocoagulator that puts you in control
The pattern scanning multi-color photocoagulator that puts you in control

A pattern and wavelength for every pathology.

Whether positioning focal treatment in the macular area, or performing PRP in the periphery, Integre Pro Scan™ provides a comprehensive pattern and wavelength choice to cover all retinal pathologies.

With Integre Pro Scan™, the following wavelength configurations are available:

  1. Yellow-red configuration (561 nm and 670 nm)
  2. Green-red configuration (532 nm and 670 nm)
  3. Green configuration (532 nm)
  4. Yellow configuration (561 nm)

Uniform energy distribution

Its proprietary dual-mode laser cavity delivers uniform energy distribution across the full spot diameter, eliminating hotspots and achieving optimal, homogenous burns. It’s a key feature that means you can achieve consistent, predictable treatment outcomes across a broad range of pathologies.  

A clearer view

Integre Pro Scan’s enhanced True Spot™ optical system allows you a clearer view of the fundus. When it’s combined with an optimal red-reflex, it’s a solution that enables you to titrate power levels precisely to deliver highly accurate treatment

Fluence Assist™

With the incorporation of Fluence Assist™, Integre Pro Scan™ automatically calculates the fluence output at the chosen parameter settings. As titrate power, spot size and/or pulse duration, the fluence measurement is recalculated. Not only does this ensure that you are always aware of the amount of energy being delivered to the treatment site, but it is also helpful in the context of subthreshold treatment. 

* Not available all regions. Please contact Ellex for more information. 

Designed with you in mind

Choose Integre Pro Scan™ and you’ll not only benefit from state-of-the-art technology, you’ll also enjoy using a highly intuitive tablet and all-in-one laser/slit lamp interface that’s been designed exactly with your needs in mind — and that will enable you to treat patients up to twice as quickly than is possible with conventional single-spot photocoagulation.

Hotspots Integre Scan1
Integre Pro Scan’s user-friendly touchscreen interface means you can adjust all treatment parameters, including laser power, pulse duration, pattern selection and pattern size quickly and easily.
Hotspots Integre Scan2
An intuitive track pad enables easy navigation of the retina and adjustment of treatment settings and pattern characteristics.

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Integre Pro Scan™ has a CE Mark (Conformité Européenne) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (510k) Market release for the indications of Retinal Photocoagulation, Laser Trabeculoplasty and Laser Iridotomy.

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Quantel Medical has completed its acquisition of Ellex, including the company’s laser and ultrasound technology solutions (with the exception of 2RT® and iTrack®), via the financial holding company Lumibird Medical.

The coming together of these two companies—both renowned in the field of ophthalmology—represents a real milestone in their history. Quantel Medical and Ellex have a shared heritage in the development of cutting-edge technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of the leading causes of blindness worldwide: glaucoma, cataracts, AMD and diabetic retinopathy.